What does it mean to be a successful student in languages?  What is the purpose of assessment? What does progress look like?  How can progress be assessed most effectively?  How do assessment practices in a department contribute/work with whole school policy?  These are all questions to which teachers would love answers.

Refocusing Assessment in languages  is a resource which aims to do this.  It is has been compiled by SSAT, ASCL and NFER working with expert panels made up of heads of departments and representatives from key subject organisations in order to support schools in developing and reviewing their assessment practice.  The above 5 key questions may support, challenge or structure assessment discussions within languages departments.  These questions are then answered with thoughts from the expert panel.

The resource is part of the Embedding Formative Assessment (EFA) two-year professional development pack for schools and colleges that contains all the materials needed for a professional development day, together with a complete set of materials for running 18 monthly follow-up workshops.  The resource can be purchased directly from the SSAT.


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