As part of the Welsh Government 's Global Futures initiative, Monmouth and Caerleon Comprehensive schools have been going into two local primary schools to teach them German using the Gruffalo story. This has been a huge success with both the pupils and staff and culminated in the two schools getting together in Monmouth to perform in front of Julia Donaldson.  Julia Donaldson shared her thoughts from the event.  "What an enjoyable event! Malcolm (Donaldson) and I were both really impressed by the children's performances: they all seemed so enthusiastic, and the standard of the acting, costumes and delivery was very high. It was lovely that every single child had something to say, and that they spoke  - and sang - German with such confidence. I feel sure that several of them will become competent linguists."

Read more about the programme and how you can recreate it in your own school.

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