Réseau européen des associations de professeurs de langues (REAL) – European Network of Language Teacher Associations

REAL was co-led by ALL and the Centre Internationale des Etudes Pedagogiques in Sevres, France, and was part-funded by the EU.

REAL aimed to create a strong network of language teacher associations across the European Union. A registered European federation, also called REAL, was set up, as an umbrella organisation for language teacher associations in the EU.

REAL now has a dedicated Facebook account. 



REAL was also a partner in the ProM project, a European project which aimed to provide a comprehensive professional training programme to European teachers via distance learning, to support the management, planning and implementation of mobility initiatives.

If you are responsible for organising educational mobility activities, such as trip, exchanges, or e-twinning in your organisation, you can assess your mobility skills with ProM.


You can also train yourself through free modules on project planning, management, intercultural skills, language training, ICT, evaluation and more with ProM.

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