Language Futures is an exciting approach for primary and secondary schools interested in developing languages beyond the classroom.  Its core purpose is to broaden language provision and promote and celebrate linguistic diversity.  The approach aims to generate deep engagement with learning and encourages learners to take responsibility for their learning both within and beyond the classroom.  Increasing motivation and engagement are integral to the approach with learners not only choosing a language they wish to learn, but also exercising choice in elements of what and how to learn.  A core feature of the approach is the personalised support offered to pupils by mentors who are volunteers from the local community with an in-depth knowledge and fluency in a particular language, recruited to provide good models of the language.

We have recently produced a series of short clips exploring and celebrating the approach from a variety of individual and themed perspectives – these range from the potential, value and impact of the approach on classroom practice to the role of mentors.  The clips were filmed at Language World 2017 and produced by a team of students from Nottingham Trent University as part of a Media work placement.

”Producing media content at Language World 2017 for Language Futures gave Nottingham Trent University students an excellent opportunity to work to a ‘real brief’. The project was as near to a professional assignment as the students can hope to get whilst studying. Filming at a conference for one day enabled the students to experience the pressure of working to a tight deadline and the sense of achievement that this type of work can provide. The students and myself were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the Association for Language Learning!”  (Dr Matt Kerry, Nottingham Trent University).

For further information on Language Futures, please visit the website or contact the Language Futures Project Manager Clodagh Cooney by emailing

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