Language World 2006 “Working Together” was back in the North West, at the University of Manchester, 07-08 April 2006.

LW2006ALL President Kathy Wicksteed introduced a one day conference on ‘Every Learner Matters’, as well as a wider programme of plenaries and workshops infused with cross curricular, cross sector & cross European working.

Talks included:
• Working together, is it working? Anne Feltham;
• Working together to share best practice, Helen Myers;
• Lights, camera, action, Mark Pentleton; and
• Languages in the Global Age, Professor Richard Johnstone.

Click here to visit ALL London’s page to see photos from the 2006 conference.

Meanwhile, Gnarls Barkley was ‘Crazy’, a whale was discovered swimming in the Thames, floods caused chaos in Central Europe and England were knocked out of the World Cup in the quarter finals against Portugal.

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