Language World 2008 was at the University of Oxford, 11-12 April 2008.

ALL President Helen Myers’ theme was “Pulling the Threads Together”: ‘the chance to …pull together to create strong and sustainable outcomes, resulting in really effective learning’.

LW2008Plenary speakers were Lid King, National Director for Languages; Mick Waters, Director of Curriculum, QCA; and Professor David Crystal, internationally renowned author and patron of ALL.

Major talks at LW2008 included:

  • The new KS3 Framework, Alison Edwards and Ruth Bailey;
  • Beyond subject boundaries – integrating languages across the curriculum, Henriette Harnisch;
  • Linking Sport and Languages, Bev Whiteside (Youth Sports Trust);
  • ALL you need to know about languages in the new secondary curriculum, Kathy Wicksteed; and
  • OFSTED Inspection Outcomes 2004-2008, Pam Haezewindt, HMI Subject Adviser for Modern Languages.

A sample of sessions that were on offer include:

  • Thinking out of the X-box, Ewan McIntosh;
  • ALL Oxford Show and Tell;
  • Practical Podcasting: From idea to iTunes, Joe Dale;
  • Learning a language ¡es posible! with the Michel Thomas method, Paul Howard; and
  • Creating games for motivation, Wendy Adeniji.

In addition to this, there was the opportunity to attend the Adult Education Fringe event, the free Language World Showcase Special exhibition, or a workshop for potential journal contributors. For the chance to unwind there was also a welcome reception, the Routledge Wine Reception and the Language World dinner.

Meanwhile, Liverpool was Capital of Culture, Boris Johnson became Mayor of London and the world was preparing for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Click here to visit ALL London’s Language World 2008 page.

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