Asset Languages

The Discussion List was very busy with debate about the decision of OCR to revise its provision of accreditation through Asset Languages. Here is a Briefing note re Asset Languages prepared by Teresa Tinsley from ALL’s Executive Council.

Various organisations are concerned by this, and are taking this matter forward. Here is a digest of activity so far, and in the pipeline, with links where available:


Spring 2012

Summer 2012


Language Alliance


  • writing letters to MPs etc.

Speak to the Future 


Private conversations and representations

Ruth Ahmedzai has posted a summary of arguments in favour of OCR and the government reconsidering their plans. Her second blog post on the campaign makes suggestions of a possible alternative provision.


Autumn 2012

We are grateful to Haroon Shirwani at Eton College for this information which highlights other accrediting bodies who provide for Arabic specifically in these details, but also a range of other languages.


Spring 2013


Autumn 2013

OCR announcement about the end of Asset Languages: see Removal of Asset Languages qualifications.

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