A summary of Languages Today magazine content in 2014/15.


Autumn 2014

LT18 CoverSeptember 2014 was a pivotal time for the teaching of languages throughout the curriculum – and especially at Key Stage 2 – so this issue of Languages Today was a primary & cross curricular special issue, looking at the teaching of languages in Key Stage 2 and beyond, transition, and cross-curricular work of various kinds. For more information about what ALL does for teachers of languages in Primary, find out more about:


Spring 2015

LT19 CoverThis issue was a special issue on Literature, looking at the new curriculum in England for Key Stages 2 & 3, with lots of ideas for bringing literature of various kinds into language teaching. You can also find out more about:

  • ALL Connect: our new project connecting up language teaching around the country.
  • Online support: visit our webpages for resources, guidance and training.
  • Local support: get involved in our branches, networks and primary hubs around the UK.
  • Literature: ALL’s project supporting language teachers to integrate literature into their schemes of work in Key Stage 2 and 3.

Language Today Issue 19: Erratum:

Page 31: How to “…appreciate stories, songs, poems and rhymes in the language”: the image shown is the vocabulary list for translating an English nursery rhyme into Urdu, not a nursery rhyme composed in Urdu. We apologise for this error.


Summer 2015

TLT20 Coverhis issue looks at delicious ways to combine culture, cooking and languages, from ‘fostering pupils’ curiosity and deepening their understanding of the world’ through authentic cultural materials, festivals and fiestas, and cultural activities here in the UK, to cooking up language activities, intiatives and projects in the kitchen.

Plus, we learn more about the British Council Language Assistants scheme, follow a day in the life of a Language Assistant, and discover the pivotal role of language skills in the changing work of the armed forces.

Bon appetit! 



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