Collins GEM School Dictionaries are the ideal handy reference for secondary school students looking for a French, Spanish or German dictionary that is modern, up-to-date and easy to use. Especially designed for KS3 school students, they are ideal for use in the classroom, at home and during exams.

  • They contain all the words and phrases students will need, with key curriculum words highlighted, all essential phrases covered, and thousands of examples to show how French, Spanish or German is really used.
  • The clear layout and alphabet tabs down the side of each page lead the students to the information they need quickly and without fuss. All main translations are underlined to help users go straight to the answer they are looking for.
  • They include language tips and culture notes throughout the text.

Collins has very generously offered ALL a number of free copies to give out to teachers at our events this year.

‘’What a great offer to our Branches and Networkd from ALL corporate member Collins. KS3 Language learners really benefit from a good dictionary, tailored to their needs and the Collins Gem is just that.” Jane Harvey (President, Association for Language Learning).

“Dictionaries are a great way for language students to grow in confidence when learning a new language. With a focus on today’s vocabulary, Collins GEM School Dictionaries are perfect for Year 7 students and upwards, ideal for use in the classroom, or studying at home.” Maree Airlie (Collins Dictionary Content Manager).


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