Statement regarding Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, released on 10 February by the President of the Linguistics Association of Great Britain, (AGB), David Adger, along with representatives from a number of other UK learned societies concerned with linguistics and languages.

After Brexit: the English question surfaces? “Will the Prime Minister provide a commitment today that no part of the great repeal bill will be subject to English votes for English laws?” Question posed by the SNP’s Kirsty Blackman at PMQs the day after the Prime Minister had outlined the government’s plans for Brexit .

MPs have voted against guaranteeing the rights of EU Citizens currently in the UK: By 332 votes to 290, MP’s have voted against the amendment which would have ensured that all EU Citizens legally living in the UK would have their rights to stay protected when Article 50 is triggered.

The University Council of Modern Languages have shared a study supporting the validity of the Erasmus+ Programme: The study conducted by Silke Mentchen (University of Cambridge) and Andrea Klaus (University of Warwick) found a large amount of positive feedback in relation to Erasmus+ Programme, noting the benefits graduates who participate recieve with regards to employment.

Brexit Strategies: How Universities Might Shape Their Futures: Times Higher Education looks at the ways universities such as Oxford and St Andrews have shaped strategies to assist them in the future of Brexit.

What does Brexit mean for universities?: Professor Iain Gillespie, Pro Vice Chancellor for Research and Enterprise at the University of Leicester addresses the uncertainty of Brexit for both universities and EU students.

Regrexit?: Survey shows that if the EU Referendum was currently taking place, 51% of people would be voting to remain.

Calls for UK citizens to be issued with EU passports post-Brexit: The European Commission is being asked to consider issuing EU passports to British people in order for them to keep their freedom of movements.
Policy Priorities to support universities post-exit: The priorities and policies government must pursue to help universities maximise their contribution to a successful UK post-exit.
Government defeated on Brexit bill: The government has been defeated after the House of Lords suggested that ministers should guarantee EU nationals’ right to stay in the UK post-Brexit.

Lords urge Tories to back Brexit bill amendment on EU citizens: Peers who backed an amendment to the Brexit bill to guarantee the rights of EU citizens have urged Conservative MPs in the House of Commons to support the change when the bill returns.

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