ALL is a member of the Fédération Internationale des Professeurs de Langues Vivantes  (International Federation of Language Teacher Associations) and we therefore like to keep our members up to date with how both associations support each other and work together.  Please find below an update on FIPLV news.

Connect with FIPLV

  • FIPLV regularly shares information on associations and their activities, as well as research into the importance of multilingualism, and policy and practice issues at local, national and international levels via their website or social media accounts.  (Follow them on twitter via @fliplv.) You can then be connected to a world-wide network of teachers of many languages.


New member association

  • FIPLV President, Paolo Balboni, attended the conference of the new member association, the Slovene Association of Teachers of Languages for Specific Purposes. Please take a look at the conference website, where you will get an overview of the programme, be able to read the presentations and as a result generate some ideas for your own.


Launch of the newest FIPLV region in East Europe


IDV (Internationale Deutschlehrerinnen- und Deutschlehrerverband – the International German Teacher Association)

  • FIPLV was invited to the Executive Committee (Vorstand) of member association IDV in Newcastle, England. This provided an enjoyable opportunity to discuss further collaborations between FIPLV, IDV and ALL.


European Centre for Modern Languages

  • FIPLV have also had a number of involvements with the European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe. FIPLV Vice President, Judith Richters and Terry Lamb (FIPLV secretary general) participated in a one day colloquium in Graz, entitled “Ensuring quality in language testing and assessment: the contribution of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)”. This was live streamed but if you missed it, you will find videos, presentations, and photos in ECML’s European Language Gazette Issue Number 35.

This event was followed by a meeting of the Professional Network Forum, a group of international NGOs that have signed Memoranda of Understanding with ECML and of which FIPLV was one of the founding partners. You will find more information about the PNF here.

For further information from the ECML, please always check the European Language Gazette that can be found on the ECML website. Issue 36 can now be found here.

FIPLV will continue to announce through their website and social media when they are published.


Supporting Multilingual Classrooms consultancy

  • This initiative with Brigitte Gerber from the University of Geneva, has been extended once more. The initiative is funded jointly by the ECML of the Council of Europe and the European Commission and involves tailor-made workshops in European countries who have applied for such support. Find out more here.  On this page you will also find a link to an online seminar that was led by Sarah Breslin, Executive Director of ECML and Terry Lamb in February, which will give you a flavour of the focus of these workshops and the materials that are available to you free of charge.


European Civil Society Platform for Multilingualism (ECSPM)


  • FIPLV’s other engagement with the European Union includes membership of the a major new alliance, ECSPM which will provide policy briefings with which to advise the European Commission and EU Member States. Please take a look at the website of ECSPM. With this, FIPLV’s advocacy of language teaching is further extended to the European Commission. Also, FIPLV were once again invited to attend the Stakeholder Forum of the EU funded MIME project (exploring Mobility and Inclusion in Multilingual Europe). This time it will take place in Riga so we have invited our Latvian member association to represent us there. FIPLV does occasionally have such opportunities for others to represent the federation so please look out for any communication.

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