Schools Project on Poland is an educational project led by Project Polish Ltd (company number 11666161), a non-profit making company, dedicated to support students and teachers across the country. The project aims to promote the heritage of past generations and the positive contribution made by Poles to the cultural, economic and social life in the United Kingdom and has the support of both the Polish Embassy in Warsaw and the British Embassy in London.

2018 marks the centenary of the state of Poland regaining its independence. We see this as an opportunity to celebrate the connections between Poland and the UK and the varied contribution of Polish people to British life.

What is Schools Project on Poland?

Schools Project on Poland is a great way for young people to get to know more about Poland, the history of Poland, its links with Britain and the contribution of Polish people to the UK. It is a project in three stages and you can do any or all of them.

Stage One – Context: How have Polish people enriched my life?

Stage Two – Connect: What can we learn from talking to Polish people?

Stage Three – Community: How can we make a difference in our community?

Who is the project for?

The project resources have been devised for use in secondary schools, but can easily be adapted for use in a primary context, or in a less formal educational setting. Some teachers are in schools where there is a strong connection to Poland, others may have little direct connection. These resources are suitable for students in all settings.

For further infomation, plese visit the project website.

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