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Deutsch: Lehren und Lernen is the Language Zone for teachers of German at all levels and in all sectors, available to ALL members. It includes articles on teaching German, on the German language and on contemporary Germany. There are also reviews of publications about Germany and of resources for teaching German, plus details of forthcoming events. It includes regular News and Notes sections informing readers about cultural and political events in the German-speaking countries. DLL aims to provide a link between different educational sectors in which German is taught as a foreign language, from primary through secondary and into adult, further and higher education. Articles are in English or German. Contributions reach us from inside and outside the UK. Contributions submitted to Deutsch: Lehren und Lernen are peer reviewed and published online subject to approval by independent referees.

All articles about the teaching and learning of German

Review of A-level German Essay Writing Workshop

In the days where we hear about declining numbers in German it is wonderful to hear about events which really enthuse students learning German. Delivered by Janine Turner at the end of the Spring Term, for Y13 pupils learning A-level German at The King’s School in Macclesfield Review by Jessica Houghton (Head of German, The […]

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Let’s hear it for German!

Let’s hear it for German! Sue Gibbs, a teacher in Cumbria, speaks about her passion for the German language, why it remains relevant and important in our schools as well as some of the challenges faced.

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Was machen die Deutschen, wenn es heiß wird?

As we start to swelter in the UK during the current heatwave in June 2018 and our classrooms become hotter and students less engaged, perhaps you could consider the question: Was machen die Deutschen, wenn es heiß wird?  One answer is…   Eis essen! Eating ice cream is one of the most popular summer activities […]

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Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft – Ideen für KS4/5 von Colleen Marshman

Colleen Marshman, ALL News and Notes Editor We are at that time, once every four years where the word Deutschland is given an extra syllable by the home fans as they don their DFB Trikots and schwarz-rot-gold accessories from the 1- euro-Geschäft.  They can indeed be justifiably proud as their heroes have featured in the […]

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Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft 2018

Carol Hughes, Language Consultant and ALL Resources Editor Are you looking for links for KS2/3 students for the Football World Championships?  Here are a few children’s sites on the German web worth looking at: The zdf site logo is always worth visiting for authentic resources. If you are interested in challenging students with some […]

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Carol Hughes, consultant and ALL Resources Reviews Editor Muttertag wird immer am zweiten Sonntag im Mai in den deutschsprachigen Ländern gefeiert.  Kinder fragen sich, was sie ihrer Mama schenken können.  Am Muttertag soll man den Müttern für alles, was sie für die Familie machen, danken.  Man soll ihnen an dem Tag bei dem Haushalt helfen […]

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Travel around Scotland learning German…

Kittys Schottland-Safari Words: Carol Hughes, Language Consultant and ALL Resources Editor Kittys Schottland Safari is a picture book published in five different languages.  It is a humorous story about a cat family and the daughter cat, Kitty, who knits items for different animal statues around Scotland.  The text is illustrated by Brian Robertson and the […]

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Be inspired…resources for film and literature at A Level

Reviewed by: Kerstin Christmann, German teacher, Stockport Grammar School If you are looking for a compact overview of the themes and characters in the books and films that are on the prescribed list of the new AS/A2 German curriculum, I can warmly recommend German Teachers’ Resources: Teaching German Film and Literature for AS and A2. […]

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Talking the Talk in French, German, Italian and Spanish

Words: Joanna Alexander, The University of Nottingham talking the Talk French, German, Italian and Spanish is a series of books aimed at helping the learner to feel confident in chatting in social situations. Topics covered include: getting to know people, lifestyle choices, making plans, sharing opinions and keeping in touch. Each chapter is clearly laid […]

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Early Language Learning: Complexity and Mixed Methods

Words: Lisa Stevens, Primary language teacher and ALL Council member Early Language Learning: Complexity and Mixed Methods, edited by Janet Enever and Eva Lindgren Early Language Learning: Complexity and Mixed Methods is the first in a series of books published by Multilingual Matters on the subject of early language learning (ELL) in school contexts. It brings […]

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Celebrating Martinstag

Helen Giles, German teacher Backen, basteln, begeistern -my three favourite activities, and when it comes to teaching German I think it is essential to prioritise fun in order to boost students’ motivation. A year spent working in a German Kindergarten, before becoming a teacher, gave me lots of exposure to family traditions and I’ve always […]

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A year in Vienna

by Matilde Erco, PGCE student teacher, Bristol and ALL student ambassador Hallo zusammen, Ich heiße Matilde und ich habe gerade einen akademischen Grad in (BA) Modern Languages ​​von der Universität von Southampton abgeschlossen. Es ist ein vierjähriger Bachelor, in dem das dritte Jahr im Ausland als Erasmus-StudentIn verbracht wird. Ich entschied das Auslandsjahr in Wien […]

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