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Spend spring in Russia…

A selection of events across the country this spring, from or about Russia and her neighbours… 02 Feb – 04 April – Russian State Ballet and Orchestra of Siberia, throughout the UK 07-10 Feb & 01-03 March  – Moscow City Ballet, Nottingham and Manchester 10 Feb – A Russian spectacular featuring Joseph Moog, Nottingham Until 11 […]


Events at the Edinburgh Festivals In Edinburgh this year there will be many international events taking place, containing interesting performances from different nationalities – providing a great place to learn about different cultures and their history: Directed by Vladimir Pankov, this story is both moving and inspirational. The War is about a group of poets […]

The Bayreuth Connection: Tolstoi as Wagnerophobe

Roger Cockrell (University of Exeter) In Chapter 13 of Что такое искусство? (1897) Tolstoi, by now fully engaged in a sustained process of demolition that has reduced the greater part of the Western world’s artistic and cultural heritage to ruins, turns his attention to the music of Richard Wagner. Starting with an attack on the […]

Is extensive reading a viable methodology for Russian language teaching?

Elena Bolton (Solihull) INTRODUCTION When I decided to try my hand at teaching Russian I thought I was well prepared for the task.  After all, I had experience of teaching English in Russia. I had also spent several years working as a technical translator, a job which required a not-too-technically minded linguist to grasp the […]

The politics of freedom in The Bronze Horseman and Eugene Onegin

Joel Roberts (University of Brighton) INTRODUCTION Peter the Great’s establishment of Saint Petersburg as a ‘window on the West’ opened Russia to a host of European influences. As a city built on Finnish marshland, a celebration of European culture and an ostensible triumph of science over nature, the new capital was symbolic of Peter’s project.  […]

Law in Russian politics, politics in Russian law

Jane Henderson (King’s College London) LAW AND POLITICS Lenin famously asserted: ‘Law is a political measure, it is politics’. This might sound like the cynical carping of a disgruntled former law student, which indeed he was. However, his original expression «Закон есть мера политическая, есть политика»[ref]Lenin, V. (1916) ‘О карикатуре на марксизм и об “империалистическом […]

Краткий обзор советской концептуализации молодежи

Thomas Disney (University of Birmingham) Более двух десятилетий прошло с распада СССР. Для многих учеников и учителей pусского языка и русской культуры Советский Союз является историчечким явлением, но как и у всех исторических явлений, он имеет большое влияние на современную Россию. Этот обзор фокусируется на советской концептуализации молодежи – одном из аспектов советской жизни. ОБЗОР […]

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