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Tuttitalia is the Language Zone for teachers of Italian at all levels and in all sectors, available to ALL members. It includes articles on teaching Italian, on the Italian language and on contemporary Italy. Articles are in English or Italian. There are reviews of publications about Italy and of resources for teaching Italian, plus details of forthcoming events. There are also regular Attualità sections informing readers about political and cultural events in Italy. Contributions submitted to Tuttitalia are peer reviewed and published online subject to approval by independent referees.

All articles about the teaching and learning of Italian

Talking the Talk in French, German, Italian and Spanish

Words: Joanna Alexander, The University of Nottingham talking the Talk French, German, Italian and Spanish is a series of books aimed at helping the learner to feel confident in chatting in social situations. Topics covered include: getting to know people, lifestyle choices, making plans, sharing opinions and keeping in touch. Each chapter is clearly laid […]

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Come nell’indolenza di una caldissima estate, tra sonnellini e zanzare, ci siamo innamorati di Milano

Rana Mohamed, University of Greenwich Lo scorso luglio sono andata a Milano con il mio fidanzato per tutto il mese. Ho studiato l’italiano presso l’Università degli Studi di Milano per tre settimane. Il corso era organizzato dal Calcif, il Centro d’Ateneo per la promozione della lingua e della cultura italiana “G. e C. Feltrinelli” dell’Università […]

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Early Language Learning: Complexity and Mixed Methods

Words: Lisa Stevens, Primary language teacher and ALL Council member Early Language Learning: Complexity and Mixed Methods, edited by Janet Enever and Eva Lindgren Early Language Learning: Complexity and Mixed Methods is the first in a series of books published by Multilingual Matters on the subject of early language learning (ELL) in school contexts. It brings […]

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Festival of Italian Literature

The Festival of Italian Literature in London / Festival Italiano di Letteratura a Londra (FILL) will take place at the Coronet Theatre Notting Hill on October 21 and 22, 2017. Two days of events, over 30 speakers, authors and thinkers from different backgrounds, established writers and younger radical ones. Italian, British, and international voices will be discussing […]

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An appraisal of ‘Flipped Learning’ in the Italian classroom

Daniela Standen FHEA, Institution Wide Language Programme T&L Coordinator, University of Reading. ‘An appraisal of ‘Flipped Learning’ Pedagogy as applied to an IWLP Italian stage 3 module’ This video appraises the application of Flipped Learning (as defined by the Flipped Learning Network) to an intermediate IWLP Italian module.  It examines whether moving instruction out of […]

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An Italian Year Abroad

Sono una studentessa di Tedesco e Italiano all’Università di Reading, sono andata in Italia per 5 mesi (Febbraio 2017 – Luglio 2017) e ho studiato all’Università degli Studi Bergamo. Ho studiato corsi linguistici e ho seguito anche un corso di lingua italiana, livello III. Quando sono arrivata a Bergamo, era molto difficile capire l’italiano parlato. […]

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Flying the flag for minority Italian languages

Guest post by Maureen Millward I was brought up in a monolingual household near Glasgow. I had no access to foreign languages until I went to high school.  At university I studied post A-level Spanish and also some Italian as a beginner.  I was keen to start with Italian because I knew the class size […]

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Celebrating Ferragosto

Victoria Mitchell (Association for Language Learning) The 15 August is known as Ferragosto in Italy and marks the start of the Italian holiday period.  If you happen to be in the country on that day, you will no doubt notice that most shops and restaurants will be closed.  Hopefully however, you will find some interesting […]

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Summer Reads

The long and relaxing summer break provides an opportunity to not only unwind with a good book, but to also practise your reading skills, enjoy reading in a different language or simply immerse yourself in another culture.  With this in mind, the Editorial Language Zones team have put together a list of enjoyable summer reads […]

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‘L’Arte’ at Alphington Primary School: Discovering a new way in a Discovery Centre

Virginia Harding and Deborah Luciani, Alphington Primary School, Melbourne, Australia INTRODUCTION Alphington Primary School (Government School) is situated in the riverside suburb of Alphington, 10 km outside of Melbourne’s CBD (City Business District). The school has 368 students, a lively, supportive and committed staff and leadership, a School Council, a parent body and a local […]

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Reflections on the design and delivery of a specialist language course

Dr. Enrico Bertelli (University of York) 1 PRESENTATION OF ITALIAN FOR MUSICIANS The didactic application of music and songs in foreign language education boasts a long and interesting history; the use of ‘sound records’ inside the classroom appears as early as 1936 (Walls, 1936: 126), just a few years after the invention of the electric […]

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A tense future? Italian in Australia

Wendy Newman (Association for Language Learning) LANGUAGE TEACHING IN AUSTRALIA Australia is one of the most multilingual countries in the world. According to the 2006 census, more than 350 languages were in regular use in Australian homes and workplaces (around 150 of them indigenous languages), and approximately 17% of Australians stated that the dominant language […]

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