Looking Back - Moving Forward

Brian Page was an inspirational figure in language teaching and learning. Always a passionate believer in the independence and influence of language teachers, he was a co-founder of the Association for Language Learning and its first President.

The essays in this publication reflect both on Brian’s contribution to languages education in the UK during his lifetime and on how his ideas still resonate and inspire today. ‘Looking back – moving forward: the legacy of Brian Page’ contains contributions from Paddy Carpenter, Steven Fawkes, Bernardette Holmes, Lid King, Terry Lamb, Alan Moys, Harmer Parr and Ann Swarbrick, and is available to ALL members only.

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‘There’s no such thing as a cognate’

Ann Swarbrick, CILT, the National Centre for Languages LOOKING BACK – MOVING FORWARD: ‘There’s no such thing as a cognate’   ‘There’s no such thing as a cognate!’ I looked at the tall, lanky man opposite as his piercing eyes dared me to contradict him. He picked up the question mark in my look and, […]

‘What is French for?’

Bernardette Holmes, University of Southampton – University of Cambridge LOOKING BACK – MOVING FORWARD: ‘What is French for?’   Remembering Brian Page, who never shied away from asking the unanswered questions. Sometimes it is all too easy to think that life in the world of languages has never been worse.  Most of us can identify […]

Taking hold of learning: developing learner autonomy

Terry Lamb, University of Sheffield, President of the Fédération Internationale des Professeurs de Langues Vivantes LOOKING BACK – MOVING FORWARD: Taking hold of learning: developing learner autonomy   1.  LETTING GO – TAKING HOLD The publication in 1992 of Brian Page’s edited volume Letting go – taking hold (Page, 1992) was a significant milestone in […]


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