International Education Week

The British Council celebrates International Education Week every year, promoting the benefits of international learning and cultural exchange to a huge community of teachers and school leaders in the UK and all over the world. They believe that international learning, global communication and language learning is more important now than ever. That’s why this year’s IEW theme is ‘Make Time For Languages’.

The ALL Language Zones contain our five language publications – Francophonie, Deutsch Lehren und Lernen, Vida Hispánica and Tuttitalia, plus new and specially selected archive content – an entirely interactive and interconnected archive on language teaching practice.

International Education – featured  Language Zone articles include: Linguistics in and beyond the languages classroom, How to get a cultural boost in the UK, Real-life resources, Events and festivals in the Spanish-speaking world, Festivals and fiestas in France and the French-speaking world, and Celebrations and festivals in Germany and the German-speaking world

Useful ideas for you and your students could include:


British Council International Education Week is an opportunity to promote the importance of building an international dimension to the education of young people in the UK at all levels.

Tips from the British Council:

Ideas for your classroom:

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