Projects at UTalk

We are not cash-rich, but we are certainly enormously rich in our enthusiasm for language learning, and in the empowerment it brings to others. We are hoping to support a variety of initiatives in this regard. 


We have started helping a group of young refugees from war-torn countries. They travel from all corners of Sussex (East and West) to meet twice a week, once to train and to learn English, and once to play sports against other teams. We are, we hope, going to be providing them with our app, so they can have a lot of fun learning English in order to communicate both in their team and in the environment in which they live. 

Funnily enough, the topic they all really want to communicate about is sport: it is, after all, their love of football that brought them together, so it is wonderful to see them wanting to help themselves by making the most of the facilities offered to them. 


We are also starting to help primary schools in areas which are very short of funds and resources. This situation is not obvious to the naked eye, but many schools fall into the trap of not quite being ‘deprived enough’ to receive extra funding, but struggling on a day-to-day basis with delivering the expectations of the National Curriculum for Languages. With one school, we are intending to provide language-learning facilities which otherwise the over-worked teachers (many of whom have no knowledge of the proposed target language themselves) are expected to deliver to their classes. This is going to be supported by fluent speakers from our company, who are happy to do extra outreach work to support the teachers and learners.

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