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By: Thisislanguage - Authentic languagae videos


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Website: https://www.thisislanguage.com/

Ewen Baird

Head of MFL, Aylesbury High School

We use ThisisLanguage with all of our KS4 students in French, German and Spanish, and occasionally at KS5. It is the mainstay of our 'extra' resources. Over the years we have tried out a number of different packages but feel that ThisisLanguage negates the need for lots of them.

It has the feel of a website designed by language teachers. Listening and Reading resources are often inadequate below A Level, but we feel that the videos, and the activities that come with them offered by ThisisLanguage are excellent. They dovetail nicely with the topics we cover and are offered at a range of levels to allow for differentiation at both ends of the challenge spectrum. They are also short enough to not intimidate the students.

ThisisLanguage add to their resources all the time and the new grammar features are excellent. Students can find the tasks that suit them or teachers can select for them and allocate exercises either in class or at home, which makes the resources very flexible. And then we come to Nutty Tilez - the main problem here is getting them off it, a quick, interactive vocab game with that hypnotic music!

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