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Language World 2013

Language World is the annual conference and CPD event of the Association for Language Learning.

Language World 2015 took place 22-23 March 2013 at Nottingham Conference Centre.

The title of Language World 2013 was Imagine…

The conference

The full Language World 2013 programme comprised plenary lectures, major talks and workshops, as well as opportunities to browse the exhibition and to network with colleagues.

LW2013 Conference Guide

LW2013 Friday Programme

LW2013 Saturday Programme

LW2013 Friday programme with presentations (ALL members only)

LW2013 Saturday programme with presentations (ALL members only)

The exhibition

Language World 2013 had a large and varied exhibition showcasing the latest in language learning resources and support.

LW2013 Exhibition Guide

LW2013 Exhibitor Information Brochure

Events calendar

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The story of Language World 2016

With our grateful thanks to all who tweeted, Facebooked, photographed, filmed, sketch-noted and otherwise contributed to our story!

Language World 2017

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