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ALL local groups

Joining ALL is your passport to engaging with a local network run by active ALL volunteers in a specific locality. Local groups are run by teachers for teachers to provide encouragement and support to peers and remove a sense of professional isolation. ALL groups offer a warm welcome and foster collaboration and sharing of expertise and ideas.

There are ALL groups all around England offering formal and informal events, which are vehicles for discussion, networking, sharing tips and resources, themed training and upskilling. There is also a new South Wales Network and a new network will be starting in Northern Ireland shortly.

ALL refers to its local groups as member networks, or individually as branches, networks and primary hubs.

ALL Branch

Branches (green pins) are formally constituted groups which are run by a committee of elected local members. Branches serve a larger regional area and often have annual conferences with streams for specific sectors and career stages.

ALL Network

Networks (red pins) are more informal local groups, often operating in areas where the nearest branch is some distance away.

ALL Primary Hub

Primary Hubs (blue pins) are places where local teachers involved in developing primary language teaching can meet, exchange ideas and provide peer support as well as accessing information and support.

Which group can I join?

Members may attend events of any ALL group. New members are allocated to an active ALL group near the address given on your membership application, but you can join a different group if this is more convenient. If you would prefer to be part of a group which is not in your region (as shown on the ALL website) please contact the ALL office.

What if there’s not a group in my area?

ALL local groups are run by dedicated and passionate volunteers. If there’s no local group in your area, and you’re interested in getting more involved with ALL and becoming a volunteer, read more about the process of setting up a new ALL local group.

Contact the ALL office to express your interest. We can then draw on the expertise of our volunteer members and our Honorary Membership Officer to get you started!

Support for ALL Branches, Networks and Primary Hubs

If you are a committee member, leader or co-ordinator of an ALL local group, click here for resources to support your group. (Member login required)

ALL regions

Click on a region to see ALL groups serving your region.