All Routes into Languages East 2020/21 projects are now ready for registration and payment:

Primary Bee (Y5 & 6)

Spelling Bee (Y7)

Translation Bee (Y8 & Y9)

Language Leader Award (rec.Y9 & above)

Languages Challenge (all)

LinguaMaths (Y7)

Having just finished 13 successful, exciting years of Routes into Languages and despite an end to government funding, we are committed to ensuring the continuation of our projects.

Unfortunately to enable this to happen we have been forced to charge for participation. See pdf  with a list of available projects and associated charges for 2020/21 (no increase from previous 3 years).

For more details see

If you'd like to proceed with any of the projects, please go to  and pay.

Then register:

- at for the Spelling Bee

- at for the Translation Bee

- by emailing for all other projects (and with any questions).

Sarah Schechter
Director, Routes into Languages East
Bye Fellow, Murray Edwards College

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