19 October 2019, 10:00 — 27 October, 16:00

Escape At The Grafton’, The Grafton Centre, Cambridge, CB1 1PS

Discover the weird and wonderful world of languages!

The UK has a museum for dog collars and lawn mowers, but not for languages. This autumn an innovative ‘Pop-Up World of Languages’, the first UK pop-up museum of languages aims to fill this gap.

The public are invited to this free interactive exhibition uncovering hidden treasures of languages through family-friendly, hands-on activities and games. It opens in the Grafton Centre, Cambridge Saturday 19th October, until Sunday 27th, and promises to be a fun and educational family experience.

Attendees will Journey through three zones exploring:

Languages and me

Why should we bother to learn languages? You may be surprised to find out:

  • how learning a language can boost your brain power
  • how many languages you already know without even realising
  • where languages can take you in life


Languages around me

All you have to do is stop, look and listen! Here, you will explore:

  • different accents, and your reactions to them
  • translating the untranslatable… can it be done?
  • the many languages around us in our cities, towns and villages


Languages in the world

There are thousands of different languages in the world! Here, you will discover:

  • which languages are most spoken and which are in danger
  • whether some languages are trickier than others
  • the different sounds and writing systems languages use

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