Here is the latest Brexit Update from ALL

‘Zero chance’ that leaving the EU will make Britons better off: Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman rejects the notion that leaving the single market and customs union would help the UK export more to the rest of the globe.

EU English will be free to morph into distinct variety post-Brexit: Jeremy Gardner, a senior translator, predicts that European English will be free to change upon the UK’s departure from the EU.

Hard Brexit will cost the EU twice as many jobs as UK: Economists in Brussels have warned that up to 1.2 million jobs could be lost in the EU if there were to be a hard exit.

Podcast regarding how leaving the EU could afffect universities and research: Jon Henley and guest discuss how the sector could be impacted in relation to staffing, funding and research.

Young people fear for futures in Brexit Britain: A study of almost 2000 18 to 30 year olds finds that young people feel ‘overburdened’ by responsibility and ‘multiple barriers’ with six in ten of the participants saying they would vote to remain, should there be another referendum.

What does the German election mean for Brexit? The next round of talks are expected to be delayed until December, with the possibility of this being a result of drawn out coalition talks in Germany.

Are more Brits applying for dual nationality in the EU? The BBC has compiled information relating to several European countries and the number of citizenship applications made by UK citizens.

You can find more Brexit updates, as well as other news, here.


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