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Alan Moys Tribute from Lid King

Alan Moys, 1935 - 2022   ALL Fellow, Lid King, reflects on the passing of a great friend to language teachers - Alan Moys.   It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of Alan Moys on January 4. Sadness for a good friend and mentor, but also for...

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Alan Moys Tribute from Harmer Parr

Alan Moys and Nala Harmer Parr adds his tribute to one of NALA’s founder members   Alan is best known for his role as Director of CILT, but it would be wrong not to consider his considerable contribution to Nala, the National Association of Language Advisers. I...

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How Brains Seamlessly Switch between Languages

Bilingual people engage the same brain region that monolingual individuals use to put together words—even when combining different languages.   Billions of people worldwide speak two or more languages. (Though the estimates vary, many sources assert that more...

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