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Going from “have to” to “want to”

…when I’m thinking about HOW to teach some required content, the question I try to keep in mind to guide me is “why would they want to do that?” In this article, I will focus on how we can create engaging writing tasks that intrinsically motivate students… Please click here to read the full article.

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UCL: Preserving endangered languages as 3D shapes

Preserving endangered languages as 3D shapes by University College London 3D printed objects from English (left) and Tariana (right) prototypes (above). Credit: Mike Lucibella Half of the world's languages are endangered and more than a thousand are expected to be...

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“My Native Language Doesn’t Have The Word For It”

35 People Share What Words In Foreign Languages They Absolutely Love Using Every language boasts words that are one of a kind. While certain ones are easier to pronounce, others might make a foreigner sound like Pink Panther trying to buy a dam-burrr-gheur. Some,...

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#CelebrateSpeaking 2023

Celebrate Speaking! Speaking a modern foreign language confidently and coherently is an important part of the MFL curriculum throughout the four devolved education departments in the United Kingdom and forms a critical part of linguistic and cultural development for...

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Virtual Exchange interviews – with reward

A message from Muge Satar at Newcastle University  (NB K-12 =  pre-school, primary and secondary education). Have you organised a virtual exchange (also known as COIL, telecollaboration, globally networked learning, etc.) for K-12 education? Would you like to share...

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Publishers Association and Oak Academy 

ALL as a member of CfSA (Council for Subject Associations) has received correspondence from the Publishers Association in connection with this TES article. It concerns the status of the Oak Academy....

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Granular Trends in Languages in HE

The British Academy and UCML have released a new report examining granular trends in language learning and provision at UK universities.  ...

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