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27/03/2018: Ilkley primary school teacher honoured: Catherine Cheater made a Fellow of the Association for Language Learning at Language World 2018.

22/12/2017: Pearson launches virtual A-Levels to battle teacher shortage: ALL's Chair of Board of Trustees, Rene Koglbauer, comments on the shortage of teachers and the impact of this on language learning.

December 2017: Teach Secondary Magazine: Clodagh Cooney on Is this the future of language learning? (page 47)

11/09/17: Three ways schools need to change their approach to boost MFL: Dan MacPherson mentions the Association in his blog post on the topic of ways schools can boost MFL teaching.

28/08/17: Just speaking English won't get us very far in the world: ALL's Chair of Board of Trustees, René Koglbauer, is mentioned in an article response to Simon Jenkins' claim that modern language classes in schools are irrelevant.

16/06/17: The Queen's Birthday honours: Helen Myers, Chair of ALL's London Branch is listed for an MBE in The Queen's 2017 Birthday honours.

10/06/17: Cien profesores participan en la jornada de promoción del español para docentes en el Reino Unido: Steven Fawkes, ALL's Honorary Membership Officer, is mentioned in an article covering Spanish workshops being held in London to support teachers of Spanish.

19/08/2016: University language departments 'at risk' as recruitment slumps: ALL President, René Koglbauer, comments on the decline in student recruitment and the impact of this on university languages departments.

23/02/2016: Senior exceutives leave struggling academy chain: ALL are mentioned in relation to their concerns regarding teacher shortages.

05/08/15: Britons nervous to speak foreign language when abroad: ALL's President, René Koglbauer, comments on the importance of language learning in broadening the minds and cultural awareness for youngsters.

April 2015: Primary Teacher Update: Dawn Francis-Pester and Liz Black on why primaries and secondaries must link for a languages strategy

Spring 2015: Academy Magazine: Rachel Middleton on Supporting teachers at KS2 and KS3 through government funding for CPD (page 45)

05/12/14: TheSchoolRun: Catherine Cheater from ALL’s Primary Languages Special Interest Group on supporting your child’s language-learning at home

05/09/14: Language teaching help announce for teachers: ALL is mentioned within BBC News' post related to language hubs being opened across the UK to support teachers of MFL.

13/05/14: Teaching languages with technology: tools that help students become fluent: Joe Dale lists ALL as a way of supporting teachers of foreign languages in his blog post on the Guardian.

03/14 & 06/14: Primary languages in the spotlight: Catherine Cheater from ALL’s Primary Languages Special Interest Group took a seat on the famous BBC Breakfast sofa in March, and again in June, to respond to concerns about the implementation of language teaching in KS2, and emphasise the support which is already available to primary teachers.

05/11/13: In pursuit of a polyglot nation: Linda Parker, ALL's Director, attended a debate hosted by the Guardian, in relation to raising the profile of language learning in the UK.

05/11/13: Les étudiants anglais apprennent le français avec Stromae: Helen Myers discusses how the music of Stromae is helping students to learn French.

25/09/13: Languages, camera, action: using film to inspire your students: The Association's activity, developed with FilmClub, is discussed.

21/03/2013: A new initiative is encouraging schools to combine language teaching with the teaching of other key subjects: ALL member Suzi Bewell takes a look at the immersion approach to MFL

23/04/2012: EU Public Service Review: ALL President Bernardette Holmes assesses the health of language learning in England compared with that of the rest of the EU

24/10/11: University applications down by nine per cent in capital ahead of rise in fees: Linda Parker, Director of ALL, warns of a “growing social divide” as poorer pupils abandon language GCSEs

07/10/11: Primary languages lost in translation: Linda Parker, Director of ALL, on the shelving of long-term plans for compulsory foreign language teaching in schools

21/09/11: Language Learning in the UK: ALL President, Bernardette Holmes, did a radio interview on BBC West Midlands in response to the Bishop of Bradford’s comments on language learning in the UK

03/03/11: An innovative scheme is helping primary teachers brush up their language skills: Linda Parker, ALL Director, on up-skilling courses for primary teachers

01/03/11: Languages in Flux: ALL Director Linda Parker comments on the position of languages in the curriculm

21/02/11: Huge fall in number of schools where pupils must study a language: 9 out of 10 London state schools allow pupils to drop languages before they take their GCSEs

17/09/10: ‘Fair trade’ solution to learning a new language: They say the best way to learn a language is to get stuck in, immersing yourself in a culture in a way that means you have no choice other than to adapt

03/09/10: Subjects face axe: Union warns that languages, music and D&T are on hit list in heads’ hunt for savings

31/08/10: Call You and Yours: Is it worthwhile learning another language? What are the biggest advantages of being multilingual?

20/01/10: Fewer schools hit language target: Fewer secondary schools in England are meeting a government target on pupils taking a GCSE in a modern foreign language, a survey suggests

06/05/10: Pitch perfect: Learning languages to boost careers: Flanked by cabinets stuffed with trophies and silverware, Polish international midfielder, Radoslaw ‘Raddy’ Majewski, is learning English in the City Ground boardroom with tutor Liz Nathan

03/10/06: Language crisis facing UK schools: ALL Director Linda Parker on the ‘lost generation’ who did not learn languages early on and will drop them at 14

04/08/04: Oh là là! No funny languages please, we’re British: ALL Director Linda Parker on successfully introducing children to languages at a young age

29/07/04: Why Britons are ‘language barbarians’: BBC News Online asks why – in a global community – Britons are failing to learn the lingo

22/08/02: Pupils dropping languages: The number of pupils entered for French and German GCSEs fell this year, although there was an increase in the number of children sitting GCSE Spanish

12/07/02: Music-style exams idea for languages: Pupils should be given the chance to take grade examinations in modern foreign languages, similar to those taken by people learning a musical instrument, head teachers suggest

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