The Primary French Project provides free materials for teaching French in Key Stage 2.

The Primary French Project partners are Institut français du Royaume-Uni (IFRU), Association for Language Learning (ALL) and Network for Languages. Suitable for all practitioners, including those who have no prior knowledge of the language, and also specialist linguists who are new to teaching children in KS2, the Primary French Project materials aim to train the teacher by providing the subject knowledge that is needed in order to meet the requirements of the Programme of Study for Languages in KS2.

The Primary French Project can help teachers to get started, with free teaching materials and access to a training programme. The teaching materials include lesson plans and PowerPoint Presentations for the interactive whiteboard. Materials can be used by absolute beginners. The PowerPoint presentations include all images and voice recordings necessary to model language and language concepts to children.

The training materials available are:

Supplementary materials are also available:

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