As members will be aware, on Monday Ofsted released a report as part of its Curriculum Research Review series on Languages. The review explores the literature relating to the field of foreign languages education. Its purpose is to identify factors that contribute to high-quality school languages curriculums, assessment, pedagogy and systems.

“ALL welcomes the emphasis in this report on the integral role of languages in the curriculum and agrees that learning a language helps to equip pupils with the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life as well as encouraging them to appreciate and celebrate difference. Learning a language also has a potential positive impact on business and the economy.

We equally welcome Ofsted’s conclusions that there are a variety of ways that schools can construct and teach a high-quality languages curriculum and that  it is important to recognise that there is no single way of achieving high-quality languages education.

As the report states, the priority that individual school leaders place on languages is a defining factor in how successfully the curriculum is planned and delivered and we hope that Senior Leaders will take this report into account when planning their curriculum.”

You can read the report in full here.

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