A group of four schools delivering the Language Futures approach have recently been awarded £500 from The Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies – The Roman Society to purchase teaching resources to establish the teaching of Latin in their schools.

The Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies – The Roman Society was founded to advance the understanding of ancient Rome and the Roman Empire. Its Committee makes grants to schools to help promote the teaching of Latin and Roman studies. Most of the grants are awarded for the purchase of textbooks and resources for Roman studies, but the Committee also makes awards to schools and museums organising lectures or study days on Roman themes, especially if they benefit large numbers of children throughout the year.
The Language Futures approach aims to broaden language provision and promote linguistic diversity. Motivation and engagement are key to the approach with learners not only choosing the language they wish to learn, but also exercising choice in elements of what and how to learn. The class teacher acts as a facilitator of language learning rather than a teacher of a specific language by creating the conditions for students to manage their own learning processes and supporting them to learn collaboratively with their peers.  For this reason, being able to access a range of varied teaching materials is crucial to the Language Futures approach as these resources support students to lead and manage their own learning.

For further information on Language Futures, please visit the website.

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