Welcome to the Latin resources page - providing new ideas and materials for primary teachers.

These resources have been chosen by members of the DfE Expert Panel and members of the ALL Primary Special Interest group as ones that have been used in their own schools. They include a variety of commercial as well as non-commercial resources, publications, free websites and online materials for developing cultural awareness.

ALL does not recommend or endorse particular resources.

Cultural information and resources


A unique Latin course for primary school children with interactive games, comic strips and animations.

How stuff works

Explores the history and legacy of Ancient Rome with articles about significant figures, important battles and cultural landmarks related to Ancient Rome.

Pyrrha’s Roman Pages

An assortment of Roman topics and ideas including language and poetry, mosaics and a Harry Potter quiz.

Pompeii on Google Street View

Using Google Street view, you can tour Pompeii in 3D from the comfort of your own classroom.


A large collection of Latin language flashcards available for download.

Rome Reborn

A digital model of Ancient Rome.

BBC Roman Resources

Includes printable worksheets, a time line, glossary and interactive games. A Walk Through Time gives students the opportunity to explore several different time periods, including Ancient Rome.


Roman mysteries game based on characters and storyline in the Roman Mysteries books, which are now a British children’s television series.

BBC History

The ‘Death in Rome’ game allows the player to become a Roman detective and use clues to solve the mystery.​


Classics for All

Created in 2010 by Friends of Classics and the Joint Association of Classical Teachers (JACT) specifically to help schools raise funds to support teaching of Latin.

Association for Latin Teaching

For everyone interested in the teaching of Latin and related subjects. Register to access the teaching materials.

Joint Association of Classical Teachers

A membership organisation dedicated to supporting the teaching of classical subjects at all levels.

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