Title: KS2 Language Coordinator’s Handbook

By: ALLConnect Project Team

Price: Free

Website: Follow this link.

Sue Cave 

Primary languages specialist teacher and consultant, ALL Thames Valley Primary Hub coordinator

If you are new to the role of KS2 language subject leader, or even if you have been doing it for some time, you will find the ALL Connect KS2 Language Coordinators Handbook an invaluable reference tool. It has been written by the ALL Connect Eastern Region project team with reference to other experienced professionals in the primary language sector, and includes everything you need to consider when leading language teaching and learning in your school.

There is a template for a primary language policy; a list of responsibilities for a language coordinator, and, to evaluate what your next steps might be – a school self-audit tool. The example school development plan will help you plan for this. Ensuring that your chosen scheme of work meets the requirements of the Programme of Study can be daunting; however, the handbook provides guidance on selecting commercially available courses as well as suggestions for a cross-curricular approach with a dedicated section to literacy links. A list of grammar points for French, German and Spanish is also included. There is even a lesson plan proforma. If how to assess is giving you concern, take a look at the examples of how other schools are approaching this and adapt them to your school setting. Finally, there are plenty of practical ideas as to how to the raise the profile of languages in your school community. It is a lengthy document of 105 pages but in the PDF format it can be easily navigated. This is a FREE resource, don’t hesitate, and download it now!

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