Article:- How to … approach sing challenging text in MFL



Fluent reading may appear effortless, but look beneath the surface and it is a feat of enormous complexity, underpinned by a wide range of intricately connected cognitive processes. Reading in a foreign language is even more complex, because the reader must orchestrate their knowledge of at least two languages and writing systems. No wonder that it can be a daunting challenge for

About the authors:

Suzanne Graham is Professor of Language and Education at the Institute of Education, University of Reading, where she also leads the MFL PGCE Secondary course. She teaches and researches creativity in language learning, second language listening and reading comprehension, and motivation for and beliefs about language learning. She leads the Education Strand of Creative

Robert Woore is Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics at Oxford University Department of Education.  Formerly a secondary school teacher of French and German, his main research interests lie in the learning and teaching of reading in a foreign language, particularly in instructed classroom settings.

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