Article: How to…create teaching materials across different media



One of the main roles of language teachers is to develop learning activities that help students practise the language in a meaningful and engaging context. Teachers are also instrumental in selecting resources which connect with students’ interests and inspire an emotional engagement with their life outside the classroom. With this in mind, teachers do not ignore the growing significance of visual cultures over the last decade, especially the popularity of streaming services and the video sharing site YouTube. The engaging aspects of texts and technology are already being used to support teaching, enhance learning and facilitate the assessment of students’ competences.


About the Author:

Dr Carmen Herrero is Principal Lecturer in Spanish Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University, Director of the Research group Film, Languages And Media in Education (FLAME) as well as Co-director of the Film in Language Teaching Association (FILTA) seeking out new approaches to Transmedia and Language Pedagogy in Education and known for her work in Communication in Mobile and Virtual Work (CoMoViWo)

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