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Teaching French and Spanish at an international school in Hanoi, Vietnam, a transition that was a shock to the system, made even more overwhelming when in January 2020 all teaching moved online, a mere five months after I came here. I soon realised that I needed a solid action plan in order to make this huge transition effective and manageable for me and for my students.


About the Authors:

Georgina Dorr is an MFL teacher in Hanoi, Vietnam.  Prior to that was teaching in a large secondary school in the South West and an active committee member of the ALL West of England branch. She delivered a TiLT webinar for ALL London in March, and supports others by sharing her experiences.


Ewa Hograth-Jones is the dedicated tutor behind Digestible Polish. She is passionate about transforming Polish learners from lost and overwhelmed into confident users of the language for communication with partners and friends. Based on her experience of teaching Polish to English speakers, Ewa designs e-learning courses for adult learners who wish to start her learning adventure with Polish.

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