Encore! Still with a song in my… scheme of work! by Steven Fawkes



If you are looking for purposeful creative solutions to engage, enthuse and excite learners in the MFL classroom then look no further than harnessing the power of song! Steven Fawkes with Paco Fernandez both share their experience of intent, implementation and impact on using song in the MFL classroom to enrich practice but always to reinforce key learning points. Whether its pronunciation, intonation, grammar or phonics, combining it with song is a sure way to appeal to the young people in your classroom but to learn, recall, and use specific language in context.

If you love a song in your scheme of work and need a reminder of how you can easily sequence them through your to enhance learning or indeed if you are new to songs but are looking for guidance on how to add them for impact and real learning then this is the e-book for you.

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