Teachers who flourish: why MFL teachers stay in the classroom by Jane Jones and Anna Lise Gordon (e-Book)



This publication seeks to inform teachers on how to remain positive, happy and flourishing in the MFL classroom. This ebook acknowledges the reasons why teachers might leave the profession, while many stay as well as highlighting crucial factors such as professional development and training to ensure MFL teachers stay growing in experience and confidence. This research informed study analyses the national context, reasons why teachers stay in the MFL classroom and indeed flourish outlining a series of potential pressures as well as clear strategies which every MFL teacher, trainee or RQT can easily adapt in to their daily lives.

Jane and Anna Lise speak from their wealth of experience as teacher trainers, researchers and practitioners in this timely ebook. A perfect short read to inspire us all to remain in the classroom and be a teacher who flourishes.


All proceeds from this e-book go to ALL to support future MFL teacher membership events.

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