Below you find some useful information about your 'My Account' Area


  • View completed orders
  • Re-purchase orders
  • Download PDF invoice


  • View / Edit Billing Address
  • View / Edit Shipping Address

Payment Methods

  • View saved payment methods
  • Delete saved payment methods

Account Details

  • View / Edit Account Details
  • View / Edit Mailing Preferences

AAL Subscriptions

  • Renew Membership Subscription
  • View Membership Subscription details
  • View Subscription End Date
  • Cancel Subscription
  • Add Payment information (for example Direct Debit to allow continued access)
  • Download Invoice


  • View Membership Plan(s)
  • Leave Teams

Note: If you are the manager of a Team you will have both an individual and owner membership.


  • View / Remove Team Members
  • Add Team Members via email
  • Add Team Members via registration link
  • Change Team Ownership
  • Change Team Name

*only visible if you are a Team Manager or Team Member.

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