An interactive game for the assessment of language skills at primary school level

Language Futures


An exciting initiative for creative primary and secondary schools interested in developing languages beyond the classroom


ALL supports its members in sharing and developing professional experience through a range of national and international projects, and encourages active participation, so that members can pursue individual passions and bring their expertise and experience to bear.

Themes range from developments in approaches to language learning, the place of languages in the wider curriculum, the production of new resources to support teaching and learning and more!

Involvement in such projects is also enriching for the personal and professional development of ALL members.

ALL Projects

ALL has undertaken numerous projects for the benefit of language teachers and their learners. Some of the projects we lead are grant-funded such as the high profile ALL Connect initiative which created training modules and wikis for teachers of KS2 and KS3 languages to get to grips with the new Programmes of Study (2014). This was funded through a two-year grant from the DfE.

ALL has also supported the FLAME initiative which has been a fantastic example of the power of interested members and volunteers coming together to develop and share approaches and resources to introduce and embed cross-curricular language learning (CLIL) within primary and secondary classrooms.

ALL also led the Language Futures initiative from 2015-18: the findings of a two-year research exercise into the impact of the Language Futures approach on learners' achievement and motivation was presented in a keynote at Language World 2018.

Projects in partnership with ALL

ALL regularly works in partnership with other organisations with similar aims, such as European-funded initiatives, projects with other subject associations, cultural institutes and universities.

These are usually made possible through grant funding. ALL regularly seeks opportunities to source funding to develop and extend existing projects or to build on these to take them in a new direction based on the identified needs of language learners and teachers.

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Remembering Agincourt


Project News & Updates

Language Futures Teacher Taster Session – a celebration of mentoring

In the lead up to national Volunteers' Week (01 - 07 June), a Language Futures Teacher Taster session took place at Linton Village College on 24 May.  This was a chance for Linton Village College to showcase the Language Futures approach which they have been running...

Launch of Language Futures in Primary Schools

Broadening Language Provision and Creating Independent and Engaged Language Learners Language Futures is an exciting approach for schools interested in developing languages beyond the classroom. Its core purpose is to generate deep engagement with learning and to...

Launch of Language Futures Research Exercise

Broadening Language Provision and Creating Independent and Engaged Language Learners Language Futures is an exciting initiative for creative primary and secondary schools interested in developing languages beyond the classroom.  The core purpose of Language Futures is...

Language Futures drop-in session at Language Show Live

Are you visiting the Language Show Live on Friday October 14th? Would you like to learn more about Language Futures? This October the Association for Language Learning will be returning to Language Show Live – Europe’s largest annual event for language teachers,...

The Language Magician

ALL is part of the multi-partner project “THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN”, which is developing a new computer game for the assessment of language skills at primary school level. The project is conducted by ten international partners from the field of education, and addresses...

Support for Japanese

A group of five schools delivering the Language Futures approach have recently been awarded a grant of £1,225 from The Japan Foundation to purchase teaching resources to help establish the teaching of Japanese in their schools. The Japan Foundation promotes...

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