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Francophonie is the Language Zone for teachers of French at all levels and in all sectors, available to ALL members. It includes articles on teaching French, on the French language and on contemporary France. Articles are in English or French. There are also reviews of publications about France and of resources for teaching French, plus details of forthcoming events. Contributions submitted to Francophonie are peer reviewed and published online subject to approval by independent referees.

All articles about the teaching and learning of French

Discovering the power of language through yoga

Words: Sarah Lloyd, Freelance MFL consultant and trainer and ALL Resources Editor Thanks to a forward-thinking policy in Scottish schools, MFL teaching and learning has received a welcome boost in recent years. The Scottish Government’s “1+2” language initiative aims to enable every child to learn two languages in addition to their own mother tongue. Just […]

Lose yourself on a journey into the French language

Reviewed by: Victoria Mitchell, Education Officer, ALL ‘Bon Voyage! A colouring book for lovers of all things French’ is a wonderful addition to the myriad of mindfulness colouring books which are popular with adults and children alike. Not only is colouring a picture a relaxing activity to do after work or to while away a […]

Talking the Talk in French, German, Italian and Spanish

Words: Joanna Alexander, The University of Nottingham talking the Talk French, German, Italian and Spanish is a series of books aimed at helping the learner to feel confident in chatting in social situations. Topics covered include: getting to know people, lifestyle choices, making plans, sharing opinions and keeping in touch. Each chapter is clearly laid […]

Museum review – Mundolingua

Words: Beth Apted, A Level French student at The Ashcombe School. Mundolingua is an interactive language and linguistics museum situated in the sixth arrondissement of Paris. As a self-confessed Francophile and language nerd I was incredibly excited when I first learnt about the museum through a post highly recommending it on the blogging website, Tumblr. In […]

Cinq films qui pourraient intéresser aux étudiants de français

Florence Brown, ALL Student Ambassador La grande illusion La grande illusion de Renoir, un film qui se déroule pendant la Première Guerre Mondiale et qui parle d’un groupe de soldats français qui essaient de fuir de la forteresse où ils sont captifs, a été nominé aux Oscars en 1939. Il est considéré comme un chef-d’œuvre du cinéma […]

IFProfs maintenant disponible au Royaume-Uni!

Benoît Le Dévédec, Attaché de Coopération Pour le Français – French Language Attaché, Institut Français Le réseau social de l’éducation en français IFprofs s’adresse aux professionnels exerçant dans les écoles, les lycées, les universités, les Instituts français et les Alliances françaises qu’ils soient enseignants de français, professeurs enseignant d’autres matières en français, directeurs d’établissements, médiathécaires, formateurs, […]

Early Language Learning: Complexity and Mixed Methods

Words: Lisa Stevens, Primary language teacher and ALL Council member Early Language Learning: Complexity and Mixed Methods, edited by Janet Enever and Eva Lindgren Early Language Learning: Complexity and Mixed Methods is the first in a series of books published by Multilingual Matters on the subject of early language learning (ELL) in school contexts. It brings […]

« Le papa qui avait 10 enfants », Bénédicte Guettier

Ce livre est un grand album qui peut être facilement utilisé avec une classe entière.  Vous aimez « Je m’habille… et je te croque ! » et/ou l’âne Trotro ? Cette histoire est de la même auteure et vous l’adorerai!  C’est l’histoire d’un papa élève tout seul ses dix enfants (original et rafraichissant, non ?). Le soir, il se construit […]

Who speaks French in Canada?

Words: Jane Harvey, ALL President Elect and ALL Border Marches Network I have just returned from Québec, which I first visited as a student in 1971  a few years after General de Gaulle had made his “Vive le Québec libre” speech. At that time, English was the official language of Québec and French speakers – the […]

One Third Stories: Ruby Red Riding Hood

Words: Kerry Phipps, primary languages teacher. Title Ruby Red Riding Hood Author Jonny Pyn and Alex Somervell Illustrated by Hannah Hutchings Publisher One Third Stories Ltd, 2017 ISBN 978-0-9956357-6-0 Length 15 pages Price From £12.49 per month One Third Stories is a new company that produces monthly story boxes based on parents’ paid subscriptions. The […]

Quatre Contes Populaires Ecossais: Four Scottish Folktales

Words: Kerry Phipps, Primary French teacher. Title Quatre Contes Populaires Ecossais: Four Scottish Folk Tales Author Fiona Scott. Translated by Nathalie Chalmers Illustrated by Elfreda Crehan Publisher Lexus Limited, 2017 (original English text published 2014) ISBN 190473748X, 9781904737483 Length 96 pages Price £7.99 ‘Quatre Contes Populaires Ecossais: Four Scottish Folktales’ has just been published in […]

Radio Labo

Words: Leanne Hilton, MFL Coordinator and Year 6 teacher at Ashgate Primary School, Derby. Radio Labo is a 10 part series of programmes to support the learning of French in upper KS2. It includes topics covered in the curriculum such as clothing, greetings, sport and weather. Its aim is to revise and build upon basic language […]

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