Teacher Briefings

The Teacher Briefings collection contains open access briefings on current language learning and teaching topics.  Each briefing provides evidence, good practice and resources to support teachers and schools improve their knowledge, policy and practice in the specific area.

If you can help provide content or expertise in topical areas to support future briefings, then please get in contact with our editor at info@all-languages.org.uk

Ofsted Education Inspection Framework

The new Ofsted EIF (Education Inspection Framework) has been published. The Framework is a considerable size (around 100 pages) and is detailed. The extracts contained in this Briefing do not represent the totality of its content by any means. An article based on a...

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Open World Research Initiative (OWRI)

OWRI is the Open World Research Initiative, funded by the AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council). It aims ‘to regenerate and transform modern language learning by foregrounding language's power to shape how we live and make our worlds.’ There are four projects:...

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Live Language Learning Issues in the Media

Background: A considerable number of advisory documents, reports, campaigns and recommendations have emerged in the public domain in the last few weeks, many of them with input from ALL members. This Briefing (necessarily longer than usual) provides a few selected...

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Consultation and ALL Representation

ALL Briefing No. 6 Date : February 2019 Background: The relevant section of ALL’s constitution says ……. The Association is established to promote and support the learning and teaching of natural languages.  In furtherance of the above object but not further or...

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Teacher Briefings: Transition

OFSTED inspectors are interested in Transition, as reported in ‘Key stage 3 the wasted years’ and inspectors may ask searching questions to gauge awareness.  Sharing of ‘Best Practice’ is of importance to teachers throughout their careers, but especially at the...

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Teacher Briefings: Language Trends

The annual Language Trends survey published by the British Council reviews developments and changes in the field of language teaching and learning, with a focus on schools. Please explore our ALL Language Trends Briefing on the 2018 survey.

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Teacher Briefings. The new A Level.

In 2017-18 major changes were made to external examination structures for languages.  This paper describes the changes and some of their implications, identifies key messages to share with colleagues and parents and suggests actions for individual teachers and...

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Teacher Briefings. The new GCSE for languages.

The new examination specifications have major implications not only for students, for language teachers and for departments, but also for those involved in planning timetables and schedules for mock examinations. Many parents will be confused by the...

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Teacher Briefings. The MFL Pedagogy Review.

The MFL Pedagogy Review was commissioned and published by TSC – the Teaching Schools Council www.tscouncil.org.uk.  The Review identifies a number of critical points for development of successful language teaching. How far does your institution already...

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