European Day of Languages 2018: a few ideas you may find useful!

European Day of Languages takes place each year on 26 September.

Council of Europe’s official European Day of Languages siteIncludes quizzes, trivia, materials and games.
SCILT European Day of Languages: ideas for primary, secondary and parents and families.

ALLNE European Day of Languages Competition 2018: ALLNE and partners are once again organising the annual European Day of Languages Competition for Schools and in 2018 it is again open to anyone!  We were delighted with response from around the country in last year’s competition (I have a dream) and look forward to the entries this year.  The organising committee invites language learners in any key stage to create a piece of text in a language they are learning on the theme: European Day of Languages 2018 – A recipe (for hapiness).

The LANGUAGE MAGICIAN Singalong: A quick activity, easy to manage, for teachers and pupils in Primary schools in the UK and around the continent!

Making the case‬: Why learn languages? Contains links to advice from people who know, and powerful reasons why learning languages equips your students with the knowledge and skills to take advantage of the opportunities of life in the 21st century – plus useful further information for students, teachers, parents and others on the importance of language skills.
Why study languages: Promoting languages in schools: Student facing website containing interactive quizzes, videos and practical advice for KS3, KS4 and Post-16; written by university students with recent experience of studying for GCSEs and A-levels.
ALL on Pinterest: Check out our extensive language collections.
Inspiring the Future: A quick and easy way for schools and employers to connect, with hundreds of volunteers who use languages in their jobs to go into schools to talk to pupils.
Publications from the European Commission: lots of language materials available to order or download, many for free!

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