Please find below a range of fantastic resources shared very kindly by contributors at the two recent GCSE events which took place at the London and NE Branches.

Resources include:

  • AQA Paper 2: Speaking conduct of the tests
  • AQA specification
  • Speaking the target language
  • French toolkits
  • Show and tell

GCSE 9-1: Sharing ideas.  Part 1. (London Branch)

View the recording here

GCSE 9-1 Part 1 unedited transcripts (16 sides!)

GCSE 9-1: Sharing Ideas.  Part 2. (London Branch)

View the recording here

GCSE 9-1 part 2 unedited transcripts

Show and Tell Sharing Ideas draft

Dr Rachel Hawkes’ wonderful talk to ALL London June Event 2017 – see this page  which includes many other brilliant talks.

Resources from the NE sharing event

AQA GCSE Languages, Paper 2: Speaking
Conduct of the tests

AQA GCSE languages
The accredited specification

Speaking the target language. PDF with annotations

Toolkits – French

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