Our Language Networks operate remotely and virtually (but still actively) to promote the interests of teachers of a particular language. They could be planning a one-off event, such as a seminar, Teachmeet or Language Day; setting up a competition for learners of their language; working with an ALL Branch, Network or Primary Hub to put on a shared event, keeping teachers updated on developments in their language or anything that teachers of the language or their learners would benefit from. Whatever needs doing! But whatever does need doing relies on enthusiasts to champion it and take it forward.

If you would like to be involved, please contact us for more information.

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Information & useful links:


Connect with hundreds of Arabic teachers in America and from around the world on the Teachers of Arabic Language K-12 (TALK12) page on Facebook.


Arabalicious is a website for teachers and students of Arabic.


Connect with other Arabic teachers on twitter at #ArabicLangchat - a great way to seek out support and share resources.

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