The opportunity to celebrate the diverse array of languages spoken around the world, increase awareness of the importance of language learning and promote the cultural diversity of Europe.

So why is language learning important? 

  1. We are living in a world which is becoming more globalised by the minute. Being able to understand and communicate with those around you is important.
  2. It boosts your brain power! Bilingualism makes it easier to learn additional languages and enhances your thinking process.
  3. You’re hired! Jobs are more easily available to those who speak more than one language. In addition, multilingual companies are at a competitive advantage against those which are monolingual.
  4. Telling yourself “everyone speaks English” isn’t going to cut it. In London alone roughly 300 languages are spoken including Turkish, Hindi and Punjabi to name a few.
  5. And finally, so you’re not that awkward person on holiday who has to point to the menu!


How can my class and I get involved?
European Day of Languages is the perfect opportunity to inspire your class to get on board and learn about a variety of languages.


With ideas and completely free downloadable resources follow the link to Languagenut right here:

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