Watching TV shows and films in a different language is the most effective and practical way of learning that language. RM from BTS confirmed this by talking about how he managed to learn English by just watching the highly popular show Friends.

If you are a native Spanish speaker and absolutely despise the English-dominated world of cinema, fret not! Netflix has a wide range of documentaries made in the Spanish language made for you to relish and enjoy. If you have just started learning Spanish, and are worried about never mastering the accent, fret not! The best way for you to catch up with the nuances of the language is to watch various Spanish series and films that might help you enhance your vocabulary and pronunciation.

Over the last few years, Spanish television series have evolved drastically. While they are mainly set in Spain, Mexico and occasionally the United States, these series have become a global sensation, thanks to Netflix’s love for variety shows.

While they are usually telenovelas, quintessential to Spanish productions, they also feature strong female leads and are brutal commentaries on the pervading corruption, casual racism and sexism, homophobia and transphobia, rampant drug abuse and tumultuous political strife plaguing the Spanish and Mexican society. They also provide a closer look into family structures, love, relationships and more and often subvert stereotypes, making one question their values and morals.

To get a better understanding of Spanish telenovelas as well as to hone your language skills, check out the 10 best Netflix series in Spanish right now – which you can read here.

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