Have you tried out brain breaks in your physical or virtual classroom? Today’s blog post is all about brain breaks: what a brain break is and how to use them with your students. The purpose of a brain break is more than just a pause in instruction; it can have a big impact on your students. There are lots of online resources to support brain breaks and it’s a topic I’ve covered in a few different workshops with educators this past year.

What is a Brain Break?

We've taken a deep dive into brain breaks to help teachers make the most of their classroom time with fun and engaging brain break activities.

A brain break is time you have allocated within a lesson to reduce the cognitive load or heavy lifting you’re asking students to do. With a brain break, students can place their energy in something new or unrelated to the task at hand. There are lots of reasons for using a brain break.

You might use a brain break to:

  • refocus a group
  • build community among a group of students
  • reset the energy in a physical or virtual classroom

NOTE: This blog post is a modified version of the transcript to a past episode of the Easy EdTech Podcast, so it’s a little more conversational than my normal blog posts. Listen to it here.










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