Eine Übungskiste für Deutsch (pdf)



The ‘Classroom Resources’ series was originally published in the 1990s to provide a range of classroom resources for busy teachers. The series was designed to provide reasonably-priced, time-saving, high-quality and flexible resources to complement other resources in the classroom. These have now been updated to provide a digital resource to support today’s curriculum. The activity sheets are relevant to a variety of classes and different levels of attainment. The rubrics are almost exclusively in the target language, following the current trend of public examinations, using simple and familiar expressions to provide maximum support for pupils. The authors hope that teachers will find the packs a valuable addition to their resources, and that pupils will enjoy working with them.


GERMAN ACTIVITIES FOR KS3/S1-2 The materials in the pack could be used by the whole class, by students working in small groups, or by individual students in class or at home. The worksheet format provides ideal practice, revision and cover lesson material, that could also be integrated into a departmental scheme of work. Answers to many activities are given, to enable students to mark their own work; answers to open-ended questions will need to be checked by the teacher.


The activities:

  • aim to provide stimulating tasks for KS3/S1-2
  • are differentiated – the activities on each sheet are graded in difficulty
  • have different activity types (e.g. puzzles, gap fill, grammar, translation)
  • include some activities aimed at developing learning skills e.g. use of dictionary
  • often include a more open-ended / creative activity as the final task


Thanks are due to Harriette Lanzer who wrote the original version of this resource pack and has granted permission for the updated version to be published by ALL. The revision of the pack, led by Carol Hughes, has been undertaken by the ALL Action Group for German. Thanks go to Liz Black, Gina Hall, Eva Lamb, Janine Turner and also to Steven Fawkes for all their support in updating, checking, editing and supporting the revision of these worksheets.

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