FLAME – French Primary CLIL Learning Module 2 (of 2)


Module 2 – Notre Terre Dynamique

This module of downloadable resources opens the door to the exciting world of volcanoes and tells the story of the eruption of la Montagne Pelée in Martinique.



Future for Languages as a Medium for Education (FLAME) is an initiative led by the Association to support the integration of language learning with other curriculum subjects.

Authored by experienced primary teachers, this  six-week module for years 4 or 5 combines French with a lively and engaging geography topic. Designed to be user-friendly for non-specialist classroom teachers,this module includes detailed lesson plans with vocabulary lists and learning objectives for both French and the other subject being learned.
Each lesson includes a Powerpoint presentation with teacher notes and a range of activities that meet the requirements of the Key Stage 2 language curriculum.
This module includes copies of the Programme of Study* and the former Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages*, and provides links to their learning objectives in the lesson plans.

Module 2 –  Notre Terre Dynamique

This module opens the door to the exciting world of volcanoes around the globe and how they are structured, and tells the story of the disastrous eruption of la Montagne Peleé in Martinique in 1902. The module helps pupils to understand French phonics, to expand their vocabulary and develop listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. Activities include a volcano song and making a booklet or a model volcano at the end of the module.

Supplementary reference material for this module is included.
To discover more about FLAME please visit our Initiatives page, or the FLAME+ website.

* Polite notice: Materials relating to Programmes of Study and the Key Stage 2 framework for languages are items that are available in the public domain and as such purchasers are reminded that the purchase price of each modules are reflective of the teaching materials only. 

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