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Languages Today

Languages Today is our member magazine, designed specifically for language teachers. It is free to members of the Association for Language Learning.

It contains news from the language teaching world; ideas to help with your teaching; reviews of teaching resources; and information about schemes and projects which may be of interest to you. We follow a day in the life of language teachers, trainers and people who use languages in their job, and we find out about how language skills are used in the workplace.

The autumn 2019 issue explores ambition within curriculum planning in the context of the new Ofsted Inspection Framework, with its emphasis on progression and rich learning experiences for all.  The contribution of languages to the whole curriculum comes through as a strong thread from our writers, as does the need for language teachers to remain creative and share their ideas.

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How to … approach using challenging texts in MFL: how beginner learners can benefit

By Suzanne Graham (Institute of Education, University of Reading) and Robert Woore (Oxford University Department of Education) Fluent reading may appear effortless, but look beneath the surface and it is a feat of enormous complexity, underpinned by a wide range of intricately connected cognitive processes. Reading in a foreign language is even more complex, because the […]

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Stafford Leys Languages for the Future Project

By Angela Smith (Stafford Leys Primary School) Those of you with long memories may recall an article in the Languages Today magazine a couple of years ago detailing the Stafford Leys Primary School ‘Languages for the Future’ project. Having identified a training need, we applied for and were awarded a substantial amount of funding by […]

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A Day in the Life … of a multilingual school

Jane Driver, May 2019 Jane Driver, Language teacher and Assistant Principal at Queen Katharine Academy (QKA) in Peterborough believes that MFL teachers have a lot to offer in supporting EAL students with their linguistic development, particularly newly-arrived migrants. QKA is a large secondary school with over 60% EAL students, the majority of whom are first-generation […]

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Languages Today issues

Languages Today Issues 18 – 20: 2014-15

A summary of Languages Today magazine content in 2014/15.   Autumn 2014 September 2014 was a pivotal time for the teaching of languages throughout the curriculum - and especially at Key Stage 2 - so this issue of Languages Today was a primary & cross...

Languages Today Issues 15 – 17: 2013-14

A summary of Languages Today magazine content in 2013/14.   Autumn 2013 This issue was about language and identity... We reported on disappearing languages around the world and the UK's changing linguistic identity. We investigated a project empowering bilingual...

Languages Today Issues 12 – 14: 2012-13

A summary of Languages Today magazine content in 2012/13.   Autumn 2012 In 2012, the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, this edition of Languages Today was all about lifelong and intergenerational learning. - We spoke to language...

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