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Languages Today

Languages Today is our member magazine, designed specifically for language teachers. It is free to members of the Association for Language Learning.

It contains news from the language teaching world; ideas to help with your teaching; reviews of teaching resources; and information about schemes and projects which may be of interest to you. We follow a day in the life of language teachers, trainers and people who use languages in their job, and we find out about how language skills are used in the workplace.


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This section comprises extra reference material. Accessible to ALL members only, and delivering an additional member benefit!

Neuroscience and Modern Languages teaching: what studies of the brain can tell us

Neuroscience and Modern Languages teaching: what studies of the brain can tell us – an extended version of an article which appeared in Languages Today, January 2019 Ruth Bailey is PGCE Director, University of Bristol As teachers we are continually looking to understand what is happening in our classrooms – are the pupils learning, are they […]

Independent Schools’ Modern Languages Association

The Independent Schools’ Modern Languages Association was founded in the early 1990s by a group of teachers based in schools in the London area. It has an active committee, composed entirely of teacher volunteers from schools across the UK. ISMLA produces a termly newsletter, containing articles of interest to teachers, including updates on issues affecting […]

How do we talk about grammar and texts?

Teachers of English and Foreign Languages share their views and approaches. The latest version of the National Curriculum for England creates an ideal moment for teachers with a focus on language to come together and exchange experiences and views on common issues in our Programmes of Study. Ideally this will result in shared, joined-up understanding […]

Languages Today issues

Languages Today Issues 18 – 20: 2014-15

A summary of Languages Today magazine content in 2014/15.   Autumn 2014 September 2014 was a pivotal time for the teaching of languages throughout the curriculum - and especially at Key Stage 2 - so this issue of Languages Today was a primary & cross...

Languages Today Issues 15 – 17: 2013-14

A summary of Languages Today magazine content in 2013/14.   Autumn 2013 This issue was about language and identity... We reported on disappearing languages around the world and the UK's changing linguistic identity. We investigated a project empowering bilingual...

Languages Today Issues 12 – 14: 2012-13

A summary of Languages Today magazine content in 2012/13.   Autumn 2012 In 2012, the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, this edition of Languages Today was all about lifelong and intergenerational learning. - We spoke to language...

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