Future for Languages as a Medium for Education (FLAME) was an initiative led by the Association to support the integration of language learning with other curriculum subjects.

FLAME welcomed members from all parts of society, and all teachers in primary and secondary schools with an interest in combining languages with other subjects, whether bringing subject topics into language lessons, teaching subject modules or teaching one or more whole subjects through a language other than English.

•Provided advice and support for schools interested in setting up a CLIL or bilingual learning initiative
•Created cross-curricular learning modules enabling the sharing of resources
•Offered workshops at ALL’s Language World Conference and other ALL events
•Published articles about CLIL in ALL’s Languages Today magazine and the Language Learning Journal
•Arranged open classroom events to see cross-curricular language learning in action.

FLAME also:
•Collaborated in research about cross-curricular language learning in the UK
•Raised awareness of CLIL and bilingual learning to a wider audience

About our resources:

ALL has also been instrumental in setting up resource banks for language teachers, for example CLIL4Teachers, a one- stop website for teachers interested in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL).

Getting involved:

ALL is now a partner in the ELAPSE project.  ELAPSE (Embedding Languages Across Primary and Secondary Education) aims to develop primary and secondary language teachers’ awareness of CLIL and soft CLIL methodology transnationally and build teachers’ confidence and expertise to adopt a cross-curricular approach to the planning and delivery of language lessons.


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